Our designer Lena is from Eastern Europe and she studied in Italy, France and the U.S.  She knows what the quinceanera girls want, and she has a great ability to not only design the best quinceanera dresses in Los Angeles, CA but she also has an amazing ability to connect with the quinceanera girls and know exactly what they are looking for in their special custom made designs.

Lena also has a phylosophy that it shoudl not cost the quinceanera girl and her family so much  money to get her perfect special dress and package/accessories made.  We work with all people and one of our mission statements was to always provide great service and designs but at a price that will allow the quinceanera families get what is needed without breaking them.  Also, our designs are for people nationwide.  We will ship your quinceanera dress or package to any location in the United States.  

Just text us or message us for details and any questions you may have on your special quinceanera day.  Our quinceanera studio in Los Angeles also gives the customer an opportunity to meet with the designer if you happened to live locally in Southern CA.

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